WaterLocator finds Diamagnetic Natural drinking groundwater (purest water), Volcano or Earthquake matrix pressure-release point well sites and avoids TOXIC (radon) contaminated sites. 
 (layman version & BLOG) https://waterlocator.wordpress.com

Retired 2002 but 4/30/2007, we consider 5-100,000+GPM water wells, earthquake or volcano release requests

We Find wells of bacteria free drinking water, HOT, Sulphur Water or Steam; only World Company to Map Radon;

We buy/lease (99+yr) & Locate VOLCANO/Earthquake pressure-release points in US/world so wells are drilled by local gov. & curtail future Disasters of VOLCANO ERUPTIONs & Earthquakes.

Mt Asama volcano 90 miles NW Toyko Japan pressure point increased 200 times in last two weeks & erupted on 2/2/09. It required 1 drill hole to prevent eruption. 
In 2009, volcanoes to erupt are Yellowstone in Wyoming of US, Chile’s Llaima & Chile’s Chaiten in central & southern Chile. details below

2008, 2007 to 1774 active Volcanoes & Earthquakes http://www.volcano.si.edu/world/find_eruptions.cfm

We determined matrix pressure points & specific well sites to curtail new world eruptions & earthquakes if government leases us site, drills wells and any site may require ICT anti-pollution units to control/reduce 6+ toxic gases, particulates and leased from CleanestAir at
Water locators find diamagnetic water, mineral water & other groundwater wells anywhere

Why does Deuterium-depleted or deuterium-free water retard cancer cells?
Dermatological tests showed a physiological balancing function using deuterium depleted water to be a preventive medicine in precancerous skin, helps skin regeneration and restores the optimum cells metabolic activity. Does it help to preserve the skin’s beauty, youthfulness and health. We now find natural  Deuterium-free water is rare & extremely limited in world.

Article-Rejuvenation & Age Reversal using deuterium-free water.
Search “deuterium & aging”

All surface and 99.9% ground water has 150+ppm deuterium, deuterium-depleted water is less than 30ppm and natural deuterium-free water reported to improve our health.

Toxic locators find Toxic Underground Contaminated Sites (Radio-active) Translator http://www.freetranslation.com/

We GUARANTEE to find ground water for water wells, install underground wells to recharge area if necessary & examples below.
Decision-maker in countries, provinces, states, counties, cities may contact us.  Please email us findh2o@yahoo.com
Find Water Matrix for Well
We use 1-6,000 sq ft well sites called water matrix.  A matrix center is only 4 ft circle.  We have only world equipment to locate a matrix. If well is not drilled on matrix, it lowers quality or quantity water or no water. Present water wells in wrong locations and/or over-pumped wells cause groundwater level shortages or losses.

Radon Exposure-Shortness of Breath or Cancer
We avoid odorless radon gas (causes shortness of breath or breeds cancer), ecoli bacteria contaminate from septic tank overrun, radio-active toxics cause cancer and map pipeline breaks from satellite & aerial photo.
Drought Recovery
CleanestAir advises when Reduce Air Pollution (Charged Air Particle Density), it ALLOW Normal RAINFALL-CleanestAir did TEST EVERY LOCATION in Ohio, NC etc & there was .20″ -.75″ rain each day.

Ground Water in SW US is lower 60-90%.
Look at Colorado River in last 10 years, excess air pollution, inadequate rain and high evaporation loss.
We notified government agencies in 1992-95 of WATER LOSS which they ignore & a SOLUTION.
Now, 2007 visual review in Ca, Nv, Ut & Az confirms Lake Mead, Lake Powell are down 100-140 feet; Lake Tahoe, Pyramid & Walker Lake are down 30-60+ ft with a high annual 5ft evaporation loss each May to October and NO government action.

Alfalfa Farm Water-Nevada
In 2007,we measured width, length, height of Nevada alfalfa farm’s four water wells pumping 4,000, 2,000, 4,000 and 2,000 gallon a minute irrigation wells 24/7. Prior to visit, we located four more matrix wells to pump 18,000 more gallons a minute based on their measured width/length/height.  However, farm Mgr asked & we located 3 other sulphur water wells 8,000 gpm to lower farm land PH from 9.5 to 6.8. Sulphur water lowers PH to 6.8 & increases alfalfa yield from 4 to 8+ tons per acre, improves alfalfa quality to $200/ton and allows farm to expand from 1200 to 9200+ acres with present water wells plus “new rain” from lowered pollution.

Earthquake/Volcano well sites-Nv, Ha, Wa, Or, Ar, Oh, Ca located******
We pin-pointed earthquake pressure release sites to curtail earthquakes/volcanoes in Nevada & Hawaii, Cal, Wash, Or, Ar & Ohio that require 1-10 wells. These wells will curtail 80-94% of future earthquakes and were cause of most earthquakes in past 100+ years.
Ca, Nv & Hawaii have 6, 6 & 2 earthquake center areas that each require 2 to 10 wells whereas Wyoming requires 152 wells asap.

Volcano Eruption & Earthquake Preventions or Curtailments-Wyoming, Chile, Costa Rica & other world sites
Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park Volcano/Caldera & 2 of Chile’s 60 active Volcanoes will/did erupt with great ash & damage unless US & Chile governments reduce volcano buildup pressure points with wells.

We lease 99+yr pressure points areas, locate wells at each site
& gov drills MATRIX POINTS to reduce volcano pressure/earthquakes at low cost, saves property and lives if timely asap.
We advised Chile Gov in 12/2007, 1/08 & 3/08 of Llaima & Chaiten volcanoes did & will continue to erupt.
We advised USGS Chief Science Person & Supt of Yellowstone Dec 27 ,08  to intervene to avoid impending Yellowstone Caldera erupting on date in April 2009. Update-Monday 4/6/09 pressure points increased from 84 to 163 times. When it reaches 168 times, 2 of 152 points can erupt. It reached 150 times.

Costa Rica’s Poas Volcano is 22 miles NW San Jose erupts Jan 8, 2009 & its pressure point needs 4 drill holes to curtail if Pr Oscar Arias wants to curtail in future.
We tested most active world volcanoes which require 1 well, some 2-10 and largest require 152 to 307 wells.
Alaska’s Mount Redoubt pressure on Jan 30, 2009 too low yet, pressure release point needs 4 wells to prevent eruption. 
On March 22, 2009 pressure jumped 133 times for eruptions on 10:38 pm 3/22/09 & again 3/23/09. It erupted five times.  We notified USGS it would erupt 3 more times in next 8 days and IT DID.

Italy-L’Aquila had earthquake Monday 4/5/09, Tuesday 4/6/09 and another quake will happen based on pressure points one more time until two pressure release are drilled and monitored.

Mt Galeras in Pasto, Columbia erupted Jan 2008 & again Feb 15, 2009 evacuating 7,000 of 500,000 residents when ash shot out of crater.It requires 4 wells to curtail its future erupts and earhtquakes based on todays measurements. 2/15/09

We reviewed droughts (6/2001 to 5/2002) of each US state, county and city for closest emergency backup bacteria-free water. Mayors, City Managers and Public Work Directors of 10,000+  size cities may contact us for new water help.

NortheastBoston,NYC, Middle-atlantic Phil/Balt.Wash, Florida, Midwest-Chicago, Southcentral Houston/Dallas/San Antonio/El Paso Southwest Phoenix/LA/SF and Northwest Seattle US has droughts, water shortages and  leads to fires, vegetation loss and erosion of quality soil. Landowners & government agencies must make every effort to help for the success of yourself, our family and friends.

Water quality & definitions by NH State Water Resources  wateranalysisdef.html

UScities nature pure or bacteria free water Resources  UScities14.html

Diamagnetic nature pure drinking water resources in world for lifesaving illnesses  diamagnetic1.html

Mars waters Resources located from NASA’s Hubble Space telescope  Marswaters2a.html

Your location, cost of water & closing unreliable wells location7.html

Relocating water wells increased western water production 31.9 times Water8.html

Emergency -broken water pipelines mapped ASAP for multiple breaks Water9.html

Toxic contaminated sites for 90+ Elements NEW RADON REPORT OF USGS  toxicelements10.html

Plutonium & Polonium toxics in water, mapped and cause of Cancer  Toxic11.html

Radon gas found, Breast cancer cause, Radon gas exposure prevention Toxic12.html

Cost & steps for toxic locating toxiccost13.html

To find new water resource, to locate toxic sources and immediate action on signing agreements, email us: findh2o@yahoo.com Thank You.

For Health Diagnosis for any Disease Cause go to

Water & Toxic related links to review:   Othersites14.html

Air Pollution reduced, Water Saved Ag with Yield Increase Dsmog.html

                    Drink Our Nature Pure Diamagnetic Water 

WaterLocator finds Diamagnetic Natural drinking groundwater (purest water), Volcano or Earthquake matrix pressure-release point well sites and avoids TOXIC (radon) contaminated sites. 


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  1. waterlocator Says:

    Central Colorado and rest of state has lost its ground water levels with less than 11 inches of rain per year.
    The state has ordered 9000 wells closed in last 5 years to protect old water rights of 300,000 acres in SE of 2,000,000 acres and 1,000,000 acres in NE of 3, 000,000 acres. others dry farm. We do commercial wells only but you should have water well drillers in your county and contact US Government extension office in each county for recommendations.Thank you

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