Dsmog pollution lower + Water saved

Dsmog and/or Ag-services
Air Pollution Reduced, Water Saved Ag with Crop Yield Increase 

We provide Dsmog service for non-attainment Air Districts exceeding Ozone-.12ppm-1hr or .08ppm-8hr, Carbon Monoxide-9ppm, Particulate 10 Matter-50mg/m3-wtd or 150mg/m3-24hr, Nitrogen Dioxide-.053mg/ m3, Sulfur Dioxide-.03ppm or .14ppm-24hr pollutants to immediately (in 1 to 5 day test) meet Federal PM10 Standards and in polluted attainment areas reduce any of six pollutants on incentive basis or we withdraw.

Service does hydrate area, stimulates and protect vegetation (landscape, ag crops, nursery & forest etc) with significant cost savings, higher crop yields, better crop quality and reduced water use and lower costs per acre. It does reduce or prevent instant fires in previous drought area.

Ag-service for crops, landscaping or forest areas on incentive improvements
Ag-service fee is based strictly on improvement, saved costs & increased yield plus higher quality from prior years but need historical crop records. We require subsurface rights, easement and right-of-ways for each forty square mile or 1 million acre area.  Water use & operating costs are reduced 50%, crop yields increase 20%-300%+ and crop quality improves significantly. If we do not lower costs, improve crop yield or crop quality to our satisfaction, we remove our technology.

Water evaporation reduced & new water
New service modifies our method and slows evaporation loss of 3 to 4.5 feet per surface acre by 67.2% and improves water level by increasing current water table and enhancing local water resources.

Dept of Interior “Water 2025” reveals 17 western water states have major shortages in Las Vegas, Reno, Alburquerque, Denver, Houston, Salt Lake City and Flagstaff as cities where conflict is most likely over the next two decades. Two major waterways, the Rio Grande and the Colorado River,
also were named “highly”.

The DOI stated a lesser, but still “substantial” possibility of water wars exists in other Western cities, including Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, Phoenix and San Antonio. The cities third level had a “moderate” chance of future conflict, including Seattle, Dallas, Casper, Boise and Salem.

A northern terminal lake is Nevada’s Pyramid Lake (115,400 acres) evaporates yearly 460-480,000 acre-feet. Its water originates at Lakes Tahoe (112,000 acres-744,500AF), Stampede(286,000AF), Boca, Donner, Prosser. Their annual evaporation loss (500,000 acre feet) but on 12/02/02 Pyramid Lake is down to 3810.6 feet.  The water delivered on Truckee River is reported as 584,000 AF about 50% of combined evaporation.

The northern terminal lake is Nevada’s Walker Lake (86,000estimated acres) loses 320,000 acre-feet per year. Its water origin is Topaz & Bridgeport Reservoirs plus Twin Lakes who losses are not calculated
but on 12/02/02 Walker Lake level is lowest historical level at 3942.3 feet.

Solution for Lakes, Reservoirs and Irrigation Users
These terminal lakes may reduce their water evaporation to improve quantity and quality, need to help origin lakes reduce their evaporation to save more water and need to influence irrigation users to consider  technology to improve their crop yields with less water at lower costs to maximize available saved water.

An southern lake is Upper Klamath Lake (86,000 acres) with only 7 feet depth evaporates 305-360,000 acre feet yearly.  It has 286,000 acre feet storage with average annual flow of 1,300,000 AF.  It provides
300,000 to 450,000 AF to farm irrigation and  850,000 to 1,000,000 AF to fish life but no average flow the past two years.

The State of Oregon owns water for state and needs to reduce its evaporation loss to save the 290,000 acres of farm land in Oregon and northern California who rely on this water for past 100 plus years.


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