Water Locator Nature Pure or Bacteria Free Water In Major USA Cities over 500,000+
                     #wells   dia. well    Million Gallons Day      Population page one
1. Phoenix,Az           16          -72″   –    up to 503.4           983,403+
2. Los Angeles,Ca     80         -24-48″          1,606.4        3,485,398+
3. San Fran/San Jose,Ca 82    -36-48″         1,205.4        1,506,207+
4. Washington,DC      23        -16-36″            215.9            609,909+
5. Jacksonville,Fl        18         – 60″              338.0            635,235+
6. Chicago, Il              47         -60″            4,764.9         2,783,786+
7. Indianapolis, In       21         -16-60″           239.4            731,327+
8. Boston, Ma            19         – 36-48″          226.0            574,283+
9. Detroit, Mi              0
10. NYC, NY            36         -60-108″        1,595.9         7,322,564+
11. Cleveland, Oh       0
12. Phil., Pa              16           – 60″          1,963.5         1,585,577+
13. Dallas, Tx            15           – 60-144″      765.5          1,006,877+
14. ElPaso, Tx           1            – 72″              82.7             515,342+
15. Houston, Tx         22          – 24″             470.4          1,630,533+
16. San Antonio, Tx    8           – 36″             189.5             935,933+
17. Seattle, Wa           32         – 42″         1,076.1             516,259+
18. Milwaukee, Wi     68          -36-42″         941.4             628,088+
                                504                      16,284.4 MMGPD 25,450,721+

We calibrated our technology measurements to existing bacteria free groundwater wells and nature pure wells in major metropolitan region for the highest accuracy results. Most state agencies, governors and landowners waited too long to help us solve their water shortages and 2002 will show in results.
Major Water Finds
We located bacteria free groundwater in 16 of 18 major cities.  The wells are 1 to 70 miles from center city.  Cities presently use raw surface bacteria contaminated water.  We determined each wells’ depth to top and bottom, width of water channel or aquifer; however, stated number of wells, diameter variation of wells, daily maximum output in million of gallons and population of major city.
Drinking Water Alert-US EPA Director
We suggest EPA and its Director Ms Whitman not permit any bacteria contaminated surface or ground water to be injected or recharged into groundwater unless diamagnetic charged. Bacteria contaminated water will destroy all clean bacteria free, mineral pure and diamagnetic nature pure water resources.

If Florida needs added 1.7 billion gallons a day of drinking water, we can help locate resources with our technology besides the 338 million gallons per day found in Jacksonville, Fl area or provide alternatives on a demonstrated basis. We posted this March 2001.
In 2001, we located 9 SE Fl sites, measured each site from ground surface to top and bottom of water, width of water,  requires 48-20″, 28-16″, 16-12″ and 90-8″ diameter width wells, operating 17 to 21 hours per day, requiring recharge ponds on  4 of 9 sites to yield 2.0185 billion gallons per day less 10,000+gallons per day recharge in underground ponds.The operating capacity is limited to 1.532 BGD.  It requires 4 acres for well sites and 23.95 ac for storage on 277,000 state owned acres. Florida’s 15 million population uses 90-100 gallons per day per person or 1.3 to 1.5 BGD. 
Our suggested solution was being considered by state and its water management districts.  We withdrew active file of Florida.
Maine, Mass, NYC, Phil. sub, Baltimore & Washington
Maine reports major shortages, we located 18 MGD new water in Maine. State officials still looking.

Mass. reports major shortage both north and south of Boston area. Brockton and 10 other cities are below the safe water level.  The Mass. state agencies, private corporations and local individuals have not provided their own land to solve water shortage while state officials are not ready for any solution.

NYC has only 41% versus 80% water in reservoirs. Prior, present Water Commissioner and Mayor are unconcerned about locating any new water sources.

Philadelphia suburbs have major shortages and  state house member need to consider amendments to present law to allow our confirming new water.

Baltimore/Washington have limited number of resources, federal government and individual landowners withold their unused land to confirm new water.

California-South & Cental

California lost  810+ Million gallons per day of Colorado River water taken back by Arizona. Southern/central California landowners can provide any land to confirm any usable drinking water in Cal.  USGS has been unable to locate ANY ADDED WATER IN LAST FIFTY YEARS.

The population estimates are from World Atlas. Each person uses about 100-200 gallons per day. 
Each 500,000 people use 50-100 million gallons per day.  Some cities have larger water resources and others must use bacteria contaminated surface water. It is more expensive to clean and has more chemicals.

Bacteria-free water is the very best tasting treated water.  Treatment can be limited to sand filter for removing iron, manganese or other minerals.  National taste tests place this water in first to tenth per entry on a national basis consistently.  It can also be deuterium free in 1 out of 10,000 sites.
State or federal EPA require adding chlorine and or fluoride.  We are advised chlorine/floride is extremely harmful to human body, plant life and integration of life form. We suggest you write state and federal epa to consider alternate treatment such as diamagnetic charged water.  It is far safer, no harmful chemicals, healthier people and plant life results as shown in other areas of world by respective health departments.

The very best tasting water is so pure it does not require treatment but a charcoal filter or micron filters used for the NATURAL PURE quality.  It is only available in one of every  four states in large enough quantities to bottle. We are presently looking for cities needing better quality water than surface bacteria contaminated water and ready to help provide bacteria free water production contracts for them.
There are 1315 cities in 50 states with populations over 20,000.  We have located nature pure or bacteria free water sources (deuterium free) in following states, Canada and Mexico in certain cities: Details are confidential.  We listed number of all 50 states Nature Pure and Bacteria Free resources.

US state, county & non US alternate bacteria-free water resources  List is work in progress for states and countries requested.


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